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Escape Pod – SOLD

Monte Rio, CA USA

Age: 3 1/2 years

Owners: 1

Asking Price: $1,500

Delivery: Extra

About this tank:

Tank Specs:
• Tank exterior dimensions:  45″ wide, by 96″ long.
• Filtration system:  (Filtration system can be placed beside or behind the tank.)  Roughly 48″ by 48″.
Filtration Specs:
• NSF certified 3/4 HP self-priming pump.
• 2-inch schedule 40 plumbing including ball valve isolation and unions throughout filtration system.
• 1.5-inch flexible connection hoses from tank to filtration tray.
• NSF certified 100 Square Foot Filter.
• CSA certified 57 GPM low-pressure UV system.
• System is mounted to 30-inch by 36-inch equipment pad.
• Primary suction/main drain includes NSF compliant cover.  Explorer can be configured to use dual balanced drains.
Needs new tank liner, otherwise good condition

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