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Escape Pod – SOLD

Age: 3 years

Owners: 1

Asking Price: $4,000

Delivery: You pick it up

About this tank:

3 year old float tank for sale. I’m looking to upgrade to a newer model.

Price includes: Tank, liner, pump, filter, ventilation fan, anti-vibration pads, & treated plywood underneath. I’m throwing in the scrub brush and skimmer for maintenance. Also included is the .pdf owners manual. It covers install, maintenance, etc.

Tank is 94 inches long by 45 inches wide.

I will disassemble it once you’ve seen it assembled. I’ll help you load it in your vehicle. This comes in panel sections making it easy to get into smaller spaces (apartments, etc). Stainless steel construction including the nuts/bolts.

Once you get it set up, you have to provide water, salt and heaters. I’ll throw in two bags of salt for free. Two heaters run about $100.00. Price is firm. Used tanks aren’t easy to find. Serious inquiries only. Hit me up with questions 🙂

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Used Float Tank Listing #04EP1011GW