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Escape Pod Explorer – $5,500 USD

Hillsboro, OR USA

Age: 1.5 years

Owners: 1

Asking Price: $5,500

Delivery: Pick up

Tank Size: 94″x 45″

About this tank:

1.5 year old float tank for sale. Great tank, but we are an acupuncture clinic and haven’t had the time or the right person to help build our float clientele.

Price includes: Tank, liner, pump, filtration system, heating system, ventilation fan, speakers & amplifier for in tank music, anti-vibration pads, & treated plywood underneath. I’ll throw in everything we’ve accumulated for tank maintenance as well (including extra filter with storage tub to self-clean the spare filter, cleaning products, H2O2 test kit, plastic (non-glass) hydrometer, neck floatation ring, and a few 50 lb bags of extra salt. Also included is the .pdf owners manual. It covers install, maintenance, etc.

Tank is 94 inches long by 45 inches wide.

I will disassemble it once you’ve seen it assembled. I’ll help you load it in your vehicle. This comes in panel sections making it easy to get into smaller spaces (basements, etc). Stainless steel construction including the nuts/bolts.

Used Float Tank Listing #5ET0619PG