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Float ES – $20,000 USD

Bedminster, NJ USA

Age:  The tank is 2 years old but has never been used.  It has been in storage.  The owner purchased it for a commercial setting but decided to have 1 fewer tank in the center.

Owners: 1

Asking Price: $20,000

Dimensions of the tank:  See the following from the manufacturer. :   51″ tall, 91″ exterior length,  52 3/4″ exterior with.  The tank shell is in two halves. 

Delivery: Pick up by purchaser. Will also give access to purchaser’s shipper who is responsible for packing the unit and components.

About this tank:

The Float ES tank has several advantageous features for home or float center set up and maintenance.  It has continuous inline filtration through a Delta UV filter and spa cartridge,  as well as an inline heater that operates continuously during and between float sessions.   A small pond pump directs a very low flow of water through openings in the four corners of the tank (which keeps the person floating centered in the tank) . the water circulates through a drain in the center of the tank floor.  The filtration and heating system can be set up next to the tank or run using pvc tanks through the wall into a separate room for aesthetic and sound reduction reasons.   This setup allows repair of any component (especially the heater) without having to drain water.  Continuous flow of water also minimizes possibility of crystallization of salt in the system.   Salt can be added without fear of overheating a radiant at the base of the tank.   Continuous filtration  prevents the need for periods of loud high volume pumping after each float session in a commercial setting.

The tank Is offered in top and bottom fiberglass shell, skid and pvc parts and valves,  UV filter, cartridge filter,  pump and in-line titanium thermostat controlled heater.  Will consider sale to purchaser who wishes to purchase fiberglass tank only or fiberglass tank and pumping components (but not filtration,, pump, or heater components).

The tank is not wired for sound but has an interior  light that can be wired or set up with a wireless remote to signal when a session is finished.

If you are not familiar with this particular tank model, a fully operational one is available nearby for view and testing.

$20,000 USD – approximately 20% below original purchase price. Payable by cash, cashiers check or money order.

Interested in this tank?

Contact Terri Stangl: (989)295-4269 or

Used Float Tank Listing #20EP1018TS