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Float Lab – $20,000 USD

San Diego, CA USA

Age: 3 years

Owners: 1

Asking Price: $20,000

Delivery: Extra

About this tank:

4″ width 8″ length 7″ height
Color: White 
The tank is in excellent conditions it comes with 2 micro filter’s, 5-micron custom filter, 1/2 micron custom filter, O3 ozone Generator, air dyer two bulb UV system digital, air disinfection filtration system, digital Heater controller. This Float Tank is NSF CERTIFIED with all working parts.  The tank is excellent condition and comes with the owners manual.  Tank door is located on the left-hand side when facing the tank.  Originally purchased for $49,000 USD

Interested in this tank?

Contact Derrick Shepard: (909)764-4895 or


Used Float Tank Listing #20FL0719DS