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Floataway (Open Pool) – SOLD

Whistler, BC Canada

Age: 18 months old

Owners: 1 total

Asking Price: $11,850 OBO

Delivery: Buyer Arranges for Delivery

About this tank (from the seller):

Floataway Open Float Pool for One, designed by Floataway in the UK.

Enjoyed by all floaters and especially ideal for those that wish to enjoy floating but are concerned about claustrophobia.  Ideal for individuals with mobility issues; those that can transfer from a wheel chair can use this tank.  Used commercially for 18 months.  Could be used commercially or residentially.  It is simple to build a surround for the tub from tile or another material. 

–          CSA Approved

–          Vancouver BC Health Board Approved

–          The pump filters the water 3 times in 20 mintues between floaters as per Vancouver Coastal Health requirements

–          The unit uses a Brominator

–          We have used Pentek 9 7/8 x 2.5NCP-10 Pleated Carbon-Impregnated Polyester filters.

Full Disclosure: there is a small, hairline surface crack in one of the corners; it is cosmetic only, located on the top the unit, not an issue for leaks.  We received the unit like that from the manufacturer. (photo attached)

The majority of our customers are tourists and there is a demand to offer additional wellness services (facials, massage, acupuncture etc.).  Therefore we are transforming one of our float rooms into a Wellness Room.  This is why we are selling the Open Float Pool.

Sorry, this tank has been sold!