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Iso-Pod (Royal Spa) – $7,500 USD

Bonita Springs, FL USA

Age: 4 years

Owners: 1

Asking Price: $7,500

Delivery: Buyer’s responsibility

Dimensions of the tank: 103″ x 70″ x 54″

About this tank:

  • Total Jets: 1
  • Water Capacity: 180 to 200 Gallons
  • Propulsion System: Hybrid Capable Circulation Pump
  • Pumps: The pump is very quiet. You can have the pump running in one room and someone floating in the room beside it at the same time without disturbing their float.
  • Purification System: Ozone/UV
  • This low price Do Not include shipping + handling of this item. 

  • You will also keep a 2014-MacBook Pro that connects to the Float Pod software that operates the Float Pod from the front desk.

Interested in this tank?

Contact William Fernandez: 239-908-8049 (text preferred) or

Used Float Tank Listing #08RP0519WF