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Novo Float Tank – SOLD

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Age: 1 year old

Owners: 1 total

Asking Price: $7,500 CND + Shipping

Delivery: Freightway – Shipping not included

About this tank: 2014 Novo Float showroom floor tank for sale to make room for the 2015 tank. This unit was setup just as a floor model. It has only been floated in a handful of times.

It comes fully equipped with UV filter, Ozone Filter, 20 Micron Filter, LED lights, Speakers with ipod connection, app to control from ipad, liner-free water membrane, 1kw heater, mechanical enclosure, a drip proof roof, digital keypad, and 1 year warranty.

Tank measures 4’W x 10.5’L x 3’H

Comes with everything you need except the salt.

Used Float Tank Listing #07NO1214JR