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Oasis Relaxation – $6,000 USD

Portland, Oregon USA

Age: 15 years

Owners: 2 total

Asking Price: $6,000 USD

Delivery: Buyer Responsible

About this tank:

The tank has been in Room 3 at Float On for the past three years.

We’re sad to see it go, but we have to make room for a new tank.

Dimensions: Outside: 99″ long, 56″ wide
Dimensions: Inside: 90″ long, 48″ wide

The body is very clean.

The motor and pump are fairly new and well maintained.

There is an extra UV and filter, as well as two liners that is added to the package.

Tank is available after September 28th.

Interested in this tank?

Contact Christopher Messer directly



Used Float Tank Listing #6OA0015CM