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Oasis Tank – SOLD

Cleveland, OH USA

Age: 7 years

Owners: 2

Asking Price: SOLD

Delivery: Buyer ships

About this tank:

This Oasis Tank has not been used since it was shipped to me on 05/28/2010.  It would not fit into my basement and became too cost prohibitive to build a structure around it in my garage.

I’m located in Cleveland, Ohio.  It can be shipped anywhere but you will have to arrange for that.

The emails I had exchanged with the previous owner indicate:  “We bought it from the spa one year ago {01/2009}. We were going to set it up for use but had a baby and needed the extra bedroom. It has a brand new liner for the tank as well new filters.” It is still sitting on the original pallet it was shipped on along with the other parts used to construct the crate.

The damage {see last two pictures on page 4} appears to be easily repairable.

I would be happy to have you inspect it before making a offer.

Interested in this tank?



Used Float Tank Listing #04OT1021JB