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Samadhi Tank – $5,000 USD

Marietta, GA USA

Age: 8 years

Owners: 2

Asking Price: $5,000

Delivery: Extra

Dimensions of the tank:

Length: 94″ (outside) | 90″ (inside)

Width: 44″ (outside) | 42″ (inside)

Height:  44.5 (outside) | 40.5 (inside)

About this tank:

  • Samadhi’s simplest and most efficient model.  Easy to set-up, comfortable, and designed for total relaxation.  Can easily be moved from one location to another, perfect in a public setting or at home. 

  • ABS Plastic inside and out

  • Complete thermal isolation

  • Lightproof

  • Condensation proof top

  • Water filtration system

  • Silent air circulation system

  • Water temperature control

  • It is important to note that the tank lists brand new for $15,000, and that this tank is being sold in as is condition for only $5,000.  It was drained 3 years ago, and has not been used or maintained since that time so would likely take some cleaning to get it back in shape for use again.  Would need a new liner as well.

Interested in this tank?

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Used Float Tank Listing #05ST0519AK