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Samadhi Voyager – $12,750

Richmond, Virginia USA

Age: 1 year

Owners: 1 total

Asking Price: $12,750

Delivery: Extra

About this tank:

2014 Samadhi Voyager Float Tank for sale

Like New top of the line Samadhi Float Tank with top of the line filtration system and Ozone water purification system. It is set up in a dedicated climate controlled room in our home, so it is in like new condition.
What you get: This is the Voyager Package, which is the top of the line tank that Samadhi, the original float tank manufacturer, has to offer. It is a great tank from a great company. Not only do you get a like new, top of the line tank for the price of a base model, but it also includes the perfectly balanced and maintained salt solution. You also get two additional 50 pound bags of top quality pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt (same as in water) and equipment to test your salt level. You also receive the high quality 35% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (several large bottles), soda ash and acid and test strips to test and maintain your water. You also get the filter cover, drip pan, sounds isolators, integrated transducer speakers, comfort control system, timers, tank heater, roof heater (awesome), a tank light and interior controls and all instructions.
This tank is ready to go in a home, spa or float center. I also have a few related items like a small spa vacuum, a oil filled radiant room heater, Float books, and accessories if you are interested. Take advantage of this and save yourself thousands of dollars.
Delivery is not included however I can help you dissemble and load it up; and over the phone I can walk you through setting up your tank. You pick up tank. Delivery may be possible for additional fee. Near the Glen Allen/Richmond VA area. Serious inquires only please, if you have done your research you know this is a great deal.

They are a great company and a pleasure to deal, check out their website
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Matt Six

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