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I-SOPOD – $18,000 $15,800 USD

Westport, CT USA

Age: 4 years

Owners: 1

Asking Price: $18,000 $15,800 USD

Delivery: Buyer will be responsible for pick up and delivery to their facility.

About this tank:

This I-SOPOD was purchased in 2013 by me from the great guys in London, England at Floatworks. I used it only for private use in my NYC home. I was on the second floor so the move to get it down the walk up cause some scuffs on the outside that can easily be polished off.

Other than that, I believe the pod is in very good condition. It has been stored, unused (never filled since) for 2 years in my home in Westport, CT. It is in a new, clean and air regulated detached structure next to my house. The pod is already in three parts and will be easy to transport out of room being that the front of the structure opens like a garage door.

The filtration system is infrared with replaceable filters and a automatic drip of chlorine (small amount). It has a remote control pad that regulates temperature, time in pd and music.

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Used Float Tank Listing #18IP1011ET